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Galvanised Rectangular 3 Outlet Ceiling Rose Solid Steel Hot Dipped Industrial

Galvanised Rectangular 3 Outlet Ceiling Rose Solid Steel Hot Dipped Industrial

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Our rectangular steel ceiling rose is made from solid steel hot dip galvanised finish, this rose looks great against all surface finishes, especially natural colours and materials. This is the perfect way to complete your home interior, combining the much loved industrial aesthetic with a modern finish look. Designed to suit a range of interior styles, complementing anything from minimalism to vintage.

Suitable for hanging anything from bare bulbs to the heaviest lampshades.

Industrial looking, Solid hot dipped galvanised finish and also lightly polished to take away the course texture, every rose has a unique patina, no two are exactly alike. It mounts to the ceiling with a cross strap which is fixed by side screws.

Featuring a strong mounting bracket fixed to the front plate with 7 screws this rose can be mounted on ceilings or walls. Cord grip entries can be used for flex or support wires.

The rose is 2cm deep ensuring plenty of space for wiring connections within.
92cm Long x 7cm wide

3 cord grips between flex outlets,
Fitting kit included

Add a low profile touch to any lighting installation.

Supplied with electrical connections, easy fit connectors.

With three outlets, this rose creates a stunning contemporary chandelier effect, transforming your space with a unique focal point that exudes style. You could either opt for three shades of the same style or choose a selection of different shades for a customised design.

Once you’ve selected your favourite ceiling rose, you can explore our holder and cord set options to create the perfect fixture that meets your lighting and style needs.

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Dabrowskadesign1 Kunde
Great seller and lovely ceiling rose of ge...

Great seller and lovely ceiling rose of genuine quality.