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Maxlume ~ Botswana Lantern Candle Holder

Maxlume ~ Botswana Lantern Candle Holder

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Maxlume ~

The Botswana lantern brings the night sky into the living room! The unique tealight holder impresses with the interplay of its two colors: it is painted black on the outside and gold on the inside.

With the Botswana lantern you can bring a romantic and wonderfully relaxed atmosphere into every room and on every window sill.

Multi-stage tealight holder with carrying ring

The Botswana lantern is made from steel wire. The countless fine welding points between the wires, which are ground off again for the special shine, ensure that special sparkle. In total, it offers space for three tea lights, which are placed in ascending order. A practical carrying ring can be carried on the inside of the light.

Introduce a warm glow into your home with our large glass Lantern. With a sleek finish and rounded handle, it's an elegant addition to any space!

Height 30cm

Dimeter 23cm

Please note there is no candles supplied.

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Beautiful and different. However, please n...

Beautiful and different. However, please note that there aren't candle holders on the central pole, just rings. You will need to get something to hold the candle safely