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Rusted Ceiling Rose Single Or Seven Outlet

Rusted Ceiling Rose Single Or Seven Outlet

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This rusted steel ceiling rose is also available with one to seven outlets on our site.

Quality British product made and provides a distinctive, low profile touch to any lighting installation.
It's an industrial looking, coarse finished fitting. It mounts to the ceiling with a cross strap which fixes by side screws.

Pressed from heavyweight steel and naturally rusted, the rose looks great against all surface finishes, especially natural colours and materials.

Every rose has a unique patina, no two are exactly alike.

Measures 10cm diameter x 2cm high.
Supplied with electrical connections, easy fit connectors
Supports 5kg max
RoHS & REACH Compliant

Comes with Black cord grip.

Made of Steel which has been Rusted.

Made in the UK.

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